Gluten-free cooking
consultation with
chef Andrea Greco

I decided to put my experience at the disposal of catering professionals who want to open a new entirely gluten-free business.

In my consultations, I can offer both theoretical and practical training, sharing everything I know about this profession: from my recipes to the management of ingredients, from promotional strategies to the bureaucratic formalities to be dealt with, but also what is needed to set up a kitchen from scratch. At the end of this consultation, you will have all the tools you need to continue on the road to gluten-free & co.

This is not an affiliation or a franchise: you can ask for regular supplies of my products, but the identity of your establishment will be your own, as in the case of Craft Coffee & Pastry, the café in Amsterdam that just over a year ago entrusted me to teach them all the tricks of the trade and bring my delicacies to Holland!