Andrea Greco Chef:
Gluten-Free cuisine

A Sicilian, born in 1980, I have lived in Tuscany for more than twenty years and in Grosseto I began to accomplish all of my dreams.

My first memories in the kitchen date back to when I was 7 years old and spent the summer in my aunt and uncle’s pastry shop in Palermo. It was during those long days of making arancini and other goodies that I realised that my favourite place was… as close to the stove as possible!

Cooking has been my job since I was 14 years old. Since then I have prepared food for many, many people and it has always seemed as if time flew by. Do you know what the most important thing for me is? Making people feel good. And I’ve always given it my all.

I feel like a tree, with branches ready to spread out in many directions. The trunk is made up of the experiences of these years, the values that support me in my work, the people who stand by me day after day. But if I manage to stay on my feet, it is thanks to my strong roots: my homeland, its traditional recipes and ingredients, but above all my grandparents who helped me carry out my projects and who are present in every dish I prepare.

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